Podcasting for Fun or Business

Podcasting for Fun or Business

Podcasting for Fun or Business

One of the new things I am now doing in addition to graphic and website design is I have now become a podcaster and I show people how to do it to promote their business or organization.

I interview people from all walk of life on many subjects.

I have also found podcasting a great way of promoting a business or organizations.

StreamYard as the platform I use to record the podcast and then it uploads the podcast to YouTube.

Once in YouTube, I make different channels so people can find past podcasts depending on the guest or subject matter.

I can also have it upload to any other social media platform if I wish. YouTube is all I am using at the moment.

I can then go into YouTube and fill in all the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with title, description, hashtags # and contact information.

YouTube is owned by Google, who invented SEO, so in only stands to reason that SEO would be a big deal in YouTube.

With the right SEO on your YouTube videos they will show up in Google search engines independently of your website or images.

You can then post the YouTube video link to any social media that you want.

It’s a great way of reaching a local or world wide audience.


I enjoy interviewing people on many different types of podcast.


Learning many new things is a fringe benefit of podcasting.

I first have people write a short blog about who they are and what the subject is or have them send a bull-it point of questions to ask them in a Word doc.

The podcast usually last for one hour and sometimes they are shorter depending on the subject matter.

I interview some people on a monthly basses because they have things of interest to the world in general. Some of these people are: 

1.) Zita’s Healthy Beginnings. Zita runs a non-profit organization for mothers and babies in Nigeria, Africa.

2.) Justin Tarr, who is my grandson who has a degree in theology and writes for a Christian apologetic website. Two Measures Foolish

3.) Alan Tai, who is a scientist who wrote a book called A Physicist Perspective on God. Science and Life

4.) Rhonda Brown, who is a Christian poet and has published a book on poetry. She called herself the Poet Monk.

5.) Jaws Coffee Chat, who is run by Jennifer A. Whitaker. She is the first organization I did podcast with so you can go to her website and she other podcast I have done with them.

I have done many podcasts with many people but these five will get you in the ballpark of what I do.

I also designed the website for all five of these organizations.

Connecting a podcast to your organization or website is also something I do.

Contact me if you have any questions on graphic art, website design or podcasting.


Podcasting for Fun or Business

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Phoenix YouTube Bootcamp 2019

Phoenix YouTube Bootcamp 2019

Phoenix YouTube Bootcamp 2019

Idesign websites for individual people, organizations and companies. One of the things I tell people is you can have the best-looking website on the internet but if you are not attracting new people to it then what’s the point. The whole idea is to bring in new prospective clients or viewers.

How do you do this? Two main ways. Digital marketing and SEO. This article is how to use digital marketing in the form of one particular social media called YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are all different types and each one of those social media platforms have their own unique way of attracting new followers.

I try to guide people on what social media might be best for their business and I try not to limit their options because each one has their own following. Many times, I recommend that they try three or four different ones.

YouTube is in a class by itself and one social media that I wanted to know more about… only it’s not really a social media in the traditional sense. It is really a search engine that lets people use videos to help promote their businesses or idea’s.

I have a friend by the name of Sheri that teaches people how to use this amazing platform and she invited me and about 100 people to spend a Saturday in January with her at something called a YouTube Bootcamp.

YouTube Bootcamp Meetup Phoenix

Sheri Barbera giving a training session at the YouTube Bootcamp on January 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

What is so great about YouTube and how can it help me promote what I do?


A few things that videos do on YouTube

* Videos Build Trust

* Videos Build Authority

* Videos Build Confidence

* Videos Build An Audience

* Sell Products – Services

* Train – Teach – Educate 

* Create Community

Phoenix YouTube Bootcamp 2019


Sheri not only taught us how to set up your own YouTube channel but how to upload your own video’s and how to promote them right inside of your very own channel.

We found out that YouTube is owned by Google so all the SEO (search engine optimization) that you use on Goggle you will use on YouTube so your videos can be found on line.

Phoenix YouTube Training Meetup

These are dimensions for the banner and Profile Photo.

Video Training YouTube Phoenix

These are resources that will help you build your YouTube channel and videos.

Sheri hosts a YouTube meetup…

…in the Phoenix area in the town of Scottsdale once a week on Tuesday nights at 6:00 until 7:30pm at the Scottsdale library.

You have a chance to learn new and different things on how to use YouTube but also you will get to mingle with other YouTube users that are learning this media as well. She also has new guest speakers giving their in site and perspectives from time to time.

Sheri also gives one-on-one training to get results on YouTube.

Go here to find out more about Sheri Barbera. While you are there sign up for her newsletter.

To join the Free Meetup and to learn more about YouTube on a weekly basis go here YouTube Weekly Meetup.

If you have enjoyed this blog and have found information on it that you can use, I have more blogs I have written about website design and digital marketing that you may also find helpful. You can find a list in my blog but here are a couple. 5 Reasons Why Email Lists Are Important and 8 Benefits of Blogging From Your Business Website

We design websites as well as setup and teach people how to use social media and digital marketing. If you need help, let us know. I would love to talk to you about your business.

Phoenix YouTube Bootcamp 2019

YouTube Bootcamp Meetup Phoenix

Phoenix YouTube Training Meetup

Video Training YouTube Phoenix

Live YouTube Training Meetup

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