Homeless Sun Valley

From time to time I have an opportunity to give back to my community and Homeless Sun Valley was one of those times. Sun Valley Church of Tempe, Arizona was trying to inform their congregation what I-Help was and what many of their volunteers did in the way of giving help to the homeless.

What does that look like exactly?

I think this short 2 1/2 minute video not only explained it in a very strong visual way but it gave a positive, enthusiastic point of view of all those working on this program and those being served.    

We are a small video production company. We make promotional video for you to introduce yourself and your company on your website and social media.

What better and more personal way for you to tell people what you and your company can do for them. This is a very powerful tool.


This is a video of I-Help and Sun Valley Church in Tempe Arizona.

They are a unique shelter model that provides homeless individuals with hope and opportunity for a better future by offering overnight shelter, meals, showers, case management, and connections to community services.

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