5 Reasons Why Email Lists Are Important

5 Reasons Why Email Lists Are Important

5 Reasons Why Email Lists Are Important

Business owners and people that blog many times do not see the reason for building an email list at first until they see how their email list impacts their website traffic. With social media becoming so popular many people think this email lists are old fashioned and ineffective but in reality, it still remains one of the most powerful form of communication.

Email list can produce amazing rewards if used correctly. Direct Marketing Association says email continues to be the number one digital channel for ROI.

What is an email list?

An email list has the names and emails of people that have given you permission to send them promotions and updates from your business. Wikipedia says this about electronic mailing list. 

Emailing lists have advantages over other types of other types of media. People will already be familiar with you and your business and a certain amount of trust has been developed so why not keep up the communication with them into the future? 

5 Reasons Why Email Lists Are Important

1.) People check their emails more often…

…than they do social media much of the time.

Checking their email, a couple times a day is what most people do.

Many people may go a day or two before checking their Social media.

Email Lists Are Important

2.) Emails are personal.

Your email will land right in the user’s box. They are hard to ignore when that happens. They are one-on-one.

3.) The emails can be targeted.

These people will already have an interest in what you do and what you have to offer. Your email will give them highly relevant content and will me much more receptive to your message.

4.) Emails are purposeful.

People will have signed up from your website. This takes a certain amount of work, so they are obviously interested in you and your company. Why let their visit to your website end there?

5.) This email list belongs to you.

You have no control over social media like Facebook, Twitter or even Google and your SEO best efforts can change very fast and go to waste. This email list controlled by you and not dictated by other BIG business that have their own priorities.

Email Marketing vs Social Media

Many social media experts are selling their own services, so they will downplay how important email list are.

But guess what??

Different social media’s do it also BIG time! How many times do you get an email from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest keeping you up-to-date?

A lot!

Look at the information that different social media collect when they have you sign up. Why would they do that if it was not very important and figures in their media marketing.

Opt-in Services For Email
Opt-in Services For Email
Using Blog As Newsletter
Using Blog As Newsletter

In reality you should be doing both email marketing as well as social media. Both will drive traffic to your website.

Email list, now what?

So now that you have learned that email lists are important how do you get one set up and what do you do with it?

3 tools you need to build an email list and how to use it.

1.) A website or blog.

Start blogging. Good well written articles that people will want to read is a must. You want to be considered an expert in the field you are writing about. A place where people can go to for advice.

Then set up a …

2.) High-converting opt-in forms.

Opt-in forms are those things that pop up on a website that have people leave their name and email list that would like to receive future newsletter or heads up when you have posted a new blog post.

There are different opt-in software that help you do this such as OptinMonster or HubSpot that work really well.

I use an opt-in form called Bloom. It is made by a company called Elegant Themes who I use to purchase a WordPress premium theme called Divi. It’s part of subscription that I pay for. I really love all the options that it gives me when design the opt-in form itself that will display on the website or blog.

You probably encountered it when you scrolled down this page. So sign up!

Then pick out and set up an…

3.) Email marketing service.

Use a good reliable marketing service like Constant Contact, MailChimp or AWeber that will send out your email from the list you have collected.

I personally like using MailChimp especially in the beginning because you can send out 2,000 emails for free. This will give you the opportunity to see how all this works without spending a lot of money right off the bat.

One of the other things I like about these services is that you can also design a campaign independently from you blog integration email and send out an email from a template that they offer to do that with.

In Conclusion

Email Marketing Service

Setting up and collecting an email list and designing an opt-in form is not that hard.

You will then want to set that email list up to integrate in to an email marketing service which will collect and hold all the emails that your opt-in form has collected.

My Blog Is My Newsletter…


You can use your blog as a newsletter and then your email will alert people when you have a new newsletter posted. That is what I have done here with this blog. This newsletter not only goes out in a email but it is in a blog form designed on my website that has all the proper SEO set up so it can reach a much wider audience on the internet.

You can also use your email independently by designing an ad or information email from the email marketing service itself.

They have templates for you to design the email that helps a lot and will make it look very professional.

We help people set up an email opt-in on their website and blog and then hook it up to a email marketing service for people that would rather not do this themselves.

We have written other articles…

…that you might be interested in when it comes to promoting your business in the digital age. Here are three: 1.)  8 Benefits of Blogging from Your Business Website 2.) How to Optimize Images for Faster Website Speed 3.) 9 Signs it’s Time for a New Website. We have written many more so check out our blog archive.

Call or email us on how we can help your business grow through digital marketing, website design or graphic arts. 

We would love to help you grow your business!

Email Lists Are Important

Opt-in Services For Email

Using Blog As Newsletter

Email Marketing Service

Driving Traffic Website Email

8 Reasons To Have Website Maintenance

8 Reasons To Have Website Maintenance

8 Reasons to Have Website Maintenance

You may be thinking “Now why do I need maintenance on my website”.

That is a good question if you do not understand the many ways a business website or blog can grind to a halt. Many people think that once your website is up and running there is not much more that needs to be done.

That is far from the truth in many ways

Think of website as a car that needs up-to-date maintenance. The oil needs to be changed every 3-5 thousand miles. The transmission needs to be checked every so often and topped off. How is the battery doing?

The car needs to be washed. When something goes wrong on the car you have to take it into a mechanic.

Websites works in much the same way only in a digital sense. But, unlike a car, you do not want your website to go down and then hunt for web designer to fix the problem especially if they do not know your website.


Why Have Website Maintenance

Why Have Website Maintenance

Some Questions To Ask Yourself

Who is going to keep an eye on and then update your WordPress platform, theme and plugins?

What if there is a conflict with a plugin after an update and the website shuts down? Who knows where to go to fix that if the website has locked you out?

What if you get hacked? How do you get your website back? 

Website Maintenance is important to any business, regardless of size. All businesses and blogs need regular website maintenance to keep the site working smoothly.

Domain registrations, software updates, the site getting hacked are all different things that are take care of by someone that understands websites from the backend.

Essential Website Maintenance

8 Reasons to Have Website Maintenance

1.) WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates as they become available.

2.) If there is a conflict with plugins after an update and the website shuts down we track down the problem and fix it through your cPanel at the hosting provider. We then thoroughly review and test the entire website

3.) Test your website Forms / Checkout process as well as all the hyperlinks.

4.) Check for broken links that search engines like Google will penalize you for.

5.) Security updates and bug fixes.

6.) Review your KPIs, SEO and analytics reports.

7.) Check backups.

8.) Renew your domain names.

The cost for website maintenance varies depending on what type of website you have and what you would like us to do.

We have much more information about Website Maintenance and pricing on our website page.

Here is another Expert Perspective on this issue Regular Website Maintenance is necessary to Maintain A Strong Brand

If you have any questions at all on website Maintenance of your website or anything else related to your digital store front or blog, please give us a call or send us an email.

We would love to talk to you about your website needs.

Website Maintenance Is A Must

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Why Have Website Maintenance

Essential Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Is A Must

Invest in Website Maintenance

It Takes Two to Tango = Effective Website Design

It Takes Two to Tango = Effective Website Design

It Takes Two to Tango = Effective Website Design


Effective Website Design

Designing a good effective website takes a collaborative effort.  It is important to hire a good website developer that will design a site that looks modern, clean and is easy to navigate, but also has powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and shows up well on mobile devices but also remember designing this website is a two-way street.

As a website designer we need help from the new owner of the website to supply much needed documents such as the text for each of the pages and photographs and videos. Without them the designer is stuck from moving forward. We need this information in a timely fashion.

Whatever the timeline is decided upon from the start needs to be followed because a web designer is setting aside a certain amount of time to complete the work by a prescribed date.  We also will turn away work if we do not think we can complete the work on your new site by the deadline.

Efficient Website Design

I also know sometimes that new clients bite off more than we can chew. You may not know all that building this website will in tale. You also my struggle on how to write out information in an appealing coherent way that prospective clients may find informative and want to hire you and your business.

Creative Website Design

It also may take longer to track down photographs or video’s that we have in our minds eye we want used. A learning curve will have to be considered for blogs in your new website.

You need to have a moment of clarity with your website designer on a realistic time frame to have this all accomplished by.

If you are struggling with certain aspects of this timeline, have a line of communication open with them be it email, phone or text messaging. Let us know what is happening and what hurdles you must scale.

As a web developer we are here to help. We know how daunting all this may seem.

Creative Website Design
Creative Website Designer

Creative Website Designer

Start out slow if this your first website mountain or even if you have done this before. Complete certain key pieces of the website first and then move on to the next part or section. Do not have so many pages half done.

Completing one part at a time will give you and the designer a sense of a completion and confident on moving on to the next part. Use a visual mind map so you have a visual sense of what is happening and what is connected and why.

This keeps the spaghetti monster from attacking our minds from the complexity of what we are dealing with.

If you have any questions or you felt you are ready to embark on this new online adventure, please contact me by email or phone with any questions. We are here to help your vision come to life. 

Effective Website Design. Efficient Website Design

Creative Website Design

Creative Website Designer

Phoenix Creative Website Designer

7 Reasons Not Letting Your Website Designer Keep You Hostage

7 Reasons Not Letting Your Website Designer Keep You Hostage

7 Reasons Not Letting Your Website Designer

Keep You Hostage

Being held hostage is a good term for what happens to many people when they have had their website designed by many web developers to various degrees. This is a control issue that does not need to happen especially in this day and age. Websites have come a long way when you relied on a website designer to make even simple changes. Most modern websites do not need all that much code anymore, but use a platform that is far simpler to use.

When we design website, we like to be able to turn the site over to the business owner so they can make simple changes themselves. We teach them how to navigate their website from the backend. They can, of course, have us make additions, extra pages, up date SEO and deal with the website maintenance.  


7 Reasons Not Letting Your Website Designer Keep You Hostage


They Will Not Give You Login and Password Info

1.) Many website designers will not even give the login and passwords to the owner of the website, so you could not get in the backend if you wanted to or not. This website belongs to the owner of the website, not the developer so there is no reason to withhold that critical information.

They may say something like “I am afraid you will break something” or “only a web developer should go in the back end because only he/she knows what is going on”. That may have been true in the “old” days of website design, but not today. We have come a long way baby. It’s time for you to look for a new website developer if he says like that or something similar.


Website Control


Do Not Buy Your Domain and Hosting from Your Developer

2.) Do not buy your domain name and hosting platform through your website developer. That gives them to much control and makes it very hard to switch developers if not impossible. It also keeps you from changing hosting companies if you wish to do so.

Buy your domain name and host it yourself, using your own name and passwords, then give them that information. Best Website Solutions will help people and businesses to navigate this confusing part by signing them up with their own account with their own name and, passwords through a hosting company. We then put the tools we will need to build the website into this shopping cart and they then pay for what is in the shopping cart, independent of us. We never see credit card information. This is the only way to make sure your website and domain name stays under your control and ownership at all times.

Website Control

Website Platforms Are Very Important

3.) Make sure your website has NOT been designed in a platform that only takes code to build. We only design website in WordPress. 30% of all websites are now designed in the world on this system. It is user friendly on so many levels.

Domain Control

Making Changes Yourself

4.) Can you make simple changes yourself? WordPress is the first thing that simplifies the process, but you also need a great theme that has an “easy to use” page builder. We use only one theme on ALL the WordPress websites we build, because it is easy to customize and has an amazing page builder built in.

We Turn The Website Over to You

5.) When we are done building your website, we add good SEO to it, so it can be found on the internet, we turn it over to you, the owner of the website. We teach you how to use various aspects of the website directly. Also, we give you video’s that we have made and uploaded to YouTube so that you can refer to at any time you need help. Of course, we will always be there for more complex changes and website maintenance if you wish for us to do that. We want to make it easy for you to make changes yourself.

What if Something Happens

6.) What if your website developer dies, goes out of business or many other things that happens in the normal course of life. What if cannot track them down? What then? How do you get control of your website? You want to have this control issue all worked out from the very start if possible or resolve this now before a crisis arises.

Domain Control

Website Owner

Not just About Money

7.) To us it’s not all about money and control. We like to think we build a relationship with individuals or companies when it comes to their website. It’s like a collaboration to help our customers put their best foot forward. We love to help them grow their business and become successful.

In Conclusion

I know this blog article will resonate with many website owners. If this is happening to you, I can help you get this control back. We can talk one on one, so I can have a better idea of what you are facing, or you can email me with any questions you might have.

7 Reasons Not Letting Your Website Designer Keep You Hostage

Website Control

Domain Control. Website Owner

Domain Owner

A Rose Is Still A Rose No Matter How You Photograph It

A Rose Is Still A Rose No Matter How You Photograph It

A Rose Is Still A Rose No Matter How You Photograph It

“O wow! We gotta stop.”

My wife sounded the alarm as we were driving on a very wet and cloudy spring day. We had just passed the rose garden at Mesa Community College. The colors were just bursting out and jumping out onto to the road that made us stare in disbelief as we whizzed by.

“Pull over or we are going to hit someone.” She cried out again.

“We do not have any of our camera gear with us,” I said, as we pulled into the parking lot next to the garden. Waiting for the down pour of rain to stop we planned our next course of action as we viewed this amazing site from the car window.

Rose Photograph
Photography of a Rose
Photography of a Rose
Cell Phone Photography

A Rose Is Still A Rose No Matter How You Photograph It


Everything was perfect. Cloudy overcast day with rain is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to photographing flowers. Those days are rare in the deserts of Arizona let me tell you.

My wife and I have been professional photographers for many years, so we know what it takes to capturing great looking images in many different elements.

We decided to have some fun and take our time dodging rain drops and just use our cell phones. We both have been wanting to experiment with the built-in camera on our iPhone’s.

It was cool out and rain drops were on all the roses and best of all we had very diffused lighting because of the cloud cover. The light was very even and gives a delicate feel to whatever you photograph.

Cell Phone Photography
Closeup Photography
Closeup Photography

Cell Phone Photography

No one else was in the garden because of the rain so we had the whole place to ourselves. When it got heavy we would get back in the car and marvel over the images we just took (isn’t digital just grand) and, when the rain let up, out we would go again.

This cat mouse game with the elements lasted for a couple of hours. We did not want to stop and would squeal back and forth to each other at the next colorful rose we each just discovered.

Flower Photography
Flower Photography

I am a photographer at heart but I am also a graphic artist. I love taking images and combining them with text to tell a more complete visual story. These are small packets that infuse a couple of human senses at once.

When we arrived home…

…that late afternoon we were both tired but happy campers. One thing I have always loved about photographing in the elements was that it gave us an excuse to get back outdoors and explore God’s creation.

Capturing a little sliver of time on this planet so we can revisit it over and over again is precious to us both.

Flower Photography

And of course, the most beautiful rose of them all is my wife. She is my life partner, fellow world explorer through our love of photography and most of all, seeker of the truth in God and Jesus.

A Rose Is Still A Rose No Matter How You Photograph It

Photograph Optimize Faster Website Speed. 

Compressing Images Websites. 

 Photograph Compression Websites. Optimizing Images Faster Website.

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