Why Designing Newsletters is Like Building Websites

Why Designing Newsletters is Like Building Websites

Why Designing Newsletters is Like Building Websites

As a graphic designer I was drawn into designing websites because of the similarities to laying out newsletters.

I had become quite good at designing newsletters and magazines for companies and non-profit organizations, so when I started to explore ways for me to show my work on-line, I began to look into websites.

While in school pursuing my graphic arts degree, I took a couple of classes designing websites the old-fashioned way, inserting code via HTML and using an Adobe software called Dreamweaver. It was interesting but not my cup of tea.

I am a graphic designer and not an IT person working in code.

After discovering WordPress, I realized I could have the best of both worlds. You see, WordPress is the platform that allows you to design more visually, but you can also use code if you wish.

It has many drop-and-drag features that help the design move right along and let me do what I do best — create my visual magic in Photoshop and Illustrator.

To really make WordPress websites hum, install a theme. When a theme is installed into a WordPress website, it gives far more functionality, depending on the theme you use.

I use a premium theme called Divi made by a company called Elegant Themes.

This theme allows me to use my graphic art abilities to the fullest without getting bogged down in code. Now that is music to my visual ears


A good theme is critical to the success of a WordPress website.


Think of it this way:

1.) The WordPress Platform is like the foundation of a house. Everything about the house rests on the cement foundation. The walls and roof are completed with electric and plumbing installed within the walls of this house.

2.) A WordPress Theme allows you to install carpet, paint the walls, hang photographs on those walls and bring in furniture to customize this house into a home. This allows you to create a custom business storefront. 

Now back to Why Designing Newsletters is Like Building Websites.

When designing newsletters, I use a program by Adobe called InDesign. This software allows me to design multiple pages and many tools for different creative features for designing this publication much like WordPress does.

It takes a healthy learning curve to become proficient at both of these design tools and make custom, professional products to be sold to the business world.

The building-blocks of both WordPress and InDesign are very much alike in many ways.

Photoshop and Illustrator

I use both of these software’s to help design both a newsletter and a website. I do not know what I would do without them. They allow me to become very creative in both fields of publication.

Because InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are all made by Adobe they play together very well.

I was a photographer for 40+ years before becoming a graphic artist so I was used to using Photoshop.

I could make many adjustments to my own images as well as those I retrieved from a photo stock agency and photographs that customers would send to me for their website or newsletter.

Illustrator is a one-page design platform that allows you to design logos, social media memes, sliders for WordPress and much more.

Many times, I will have all four programs open at once as I go from one to the next on my different monitors. It allows me to be very efficient and improves my creativity tenfold.

Blogging on a WordPress website is a lot like a printed newsletter, but in a digital format that connects to the internet.

I have designed a newsletter that will be printed and at the same time used as a blog that will reach two very different types of people with the same information.

Of course, you do not use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on a printed newsletter but it is very important when designing your blog like you would do with a website page.

Search engines like Google and Bing require it.

You can then share this blog on social media to reach the whole internet world.

Paper is still in demand

Many people do not have access or do not want to use the internet, and that is where a printed newsletter is a big deal.

Programs to be handed out at a performance or at churches before a service or one made as an inhouse publication in a large business are still very much in demand, as well as advertisements that come in the mail.

We do both of these types of publications for people and businesses.

In fact, when someone hires us to design a website, we insert a blog into it if they wish and then teach them how to use it.


Go here if you would like to know more on how we Design Websites and Newsletters for Business.


Why Designing Newsletters is Like Building Websites

Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

I have always done poorly with spelling and grammar, and math has been a tough subject for me also.

My mind does not run in those circles.

When I was in college studying for my graphic arts degree, I took a creative writing class. It was the best and one of the more important classes I have ever taken.

I have relied on the writing skills I learned in that class on many occasions when I write articles for various blog posts.

One thing I learned is when you write you are painting a visual image for people with words. I was a professional photographer for many years before I became a website designer, so I understand the meaning of Strong Visuals.

Having a strong command of the English language certainly helps, but it is not a guarantee of spelling and grammar.

If it is something important that many people will have the possibility of reading, I now send my work to an editor (like I will do with this one).

Optimizing Images Faster Website

I have teamed up with a poet who is writing a book of poetry, so we made a deal. I would design her website and do Digital Marketing in exchange for her editing capabilities. It is turning out to be a great collaboration of talents.

I also use a software called Grammarly.

That helps on other things that I type or write down but it’s not the same as having a real live human edit for you.

Spell check on various devices like my cell phone and computer helps but is somewhat limited. Using spell check on my software from Microsoft apps also works better and sometimes I will go to Google, but that is a more time-consuming option.

One thing I have noticed is that spell check has improved my spelling over the years in my own mind. Using it repeatedly has a way of doing that!

Optimizing Images Faster Website

Spell check does not help with grammar but that’s OK because I just type things out on a Word doc. and it makes some changes but not enough, so I use Grammarly in that instance. I copy & paste it in their software, and it shows me what should be changed.

The Free version works great, but you can get a more advanced Pro application from them for a yearly subscription that has many more help aids.

If you are going to blog on a regular basis (we suggest that you do so often) to promote your business or yourself, you want your spelling and grammar to be top notch because it will be a reflection on you and your business.

Always have a second pair of eyes proofread your blogs.

Go here for 30 writing Tips to Make Writing Easier

To find out more about Rhonda, my friend and editor, go here to Poet Monk

In addition to our Website Design or Graphic Design and Digital Marketing business, we also help people set up their WordPress Website Blog and connect powerful SEO so the blog can be found on the Internet and Google.


Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

8 Benefits Blogging From Your Business Website

8 Benefits Blogging From Your Business Website

8 Benefits Blogging Your Business Website

When I build a website for someone I usually have to give them an education on how it works and how to maintain it. Nothing elaborate, but small changes they can do themselves. They can hire me to do more complicated maintenance or changes.

I also teach people how to promote their new storefront and gateway to the world by using social media and blogging. People are familiar with social media so it does not take much convincing them the benefits of having a good social media strategy on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other popular connections.

Blogging is a different matter altogether.

I think people are intimidated by writing something that many people will read or they just do not think they have time to put different thoughts down on paper or computer screen. Yes, it might seem out of most people’s comfort zone but it’s really not all that hard. Writing for a blog is a bit different than writing that you would do for print. With a little bit of training to understand the nuances of this medium people usually find they are quite good at it.


You do want to host your blog off your own business website and not use a free blogging platform because your business name is connected right in your domain name and URL and reflects directly back to you and your company.

You also want to have your website on its own hosting company so you can have your own domain name for the same reason.

Why you should blog from your business website

For websites, I design I make a blog template that is very easy to use that has all your basic elements built right in that is particular to your website. A blogger can just activate the template and then they can just drop text and photo content that is very easy to do and then publish to their different social media for everyone to view.

I have also written a blog on how to write and publish a blog from SEO, grammar, image, and technical aspects on a WordPress website or blog. Things to Know When Writing and Publishing a Blog. 


8 Benefits Blogging You Business Website


1.) It increases search engine traffic.

Blogging increases organic search visibility and website traffic BIG time. Every time you publish you have more chances to rank for various keywords. Keywords are how Google and other search engines direct people to what they are looking for. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very BIG deal and gives your website more opportunities to be found in our busy and congested internet world.

2.) Puts a face on your business or brand.

It’s a way of personalizing your company that your website pages cannot. It humanizes your business. It gives you an opportunity to share your voice and personality and build trust and to promote you as an expert in your field. You can also sign people up to receive a newsletter when you publish a blog post automatically. That keeps followers in the loop and your company in front of people and remind them again who you are.

Blogging From Your Business Website is a good marketing strategy

3.) Supports your social media

Sharing your presence with your blog on social media will increase traffic to your business website. Something that would be much harder without a blog.

You can also highlight your best blog content over the last few weeks.

4.) Shows that you are an expert in your field

A blog is one the best ways to establish yourself or company as an authority in your industry. You can share industry-related information and insights and builds authority in your field and keeps potential customers with a feeling of trust that you know what you are talking about.

5.) Builds inbound links.

When it comes to SEO, high-quality inbound links is a must. It is very hard to attract authoritative links to your business website. Without a blog and its new infusion of content that is very hard to do. Others will see your content and reference and cite that content in their own blogs. This will give you referral traffic back to your website.

8 Benefits of Blogging From Your Business Website

6.) Increases leads.

The more pages a website has the more leads it will receive. According to Hubspot, businesses with 400-1,000 pages receive 6 times more leads than a website with 50-100. The more you blog the more leads you will receive.


7.) Helps Rank for long tail keywords searches.

Without a blog, you will have a hard time ranking for long tail keyword searches. Long tail keywords are different than specific keywords and its use has been growing in uses for search engines and people look for specific information. A keyword example could be “photography” “photo” or even “portrait photographer” but long tail keywords would be “how do I set my camera to shoot a portrait”

To find out more about long tail keywords go here: Long tail keyword for SEO

8.) Promotes valuable discussions.

Blogging gives a way for you and your business with customers and prospects with a two-way conversation. Learning from what is on the minds of potential customers is very important in business and keeping you in front of the curve.


Blogging From Your Business Website Is A Good Marketing Strategy

* Bonus Tip

9.) Brings freshness to your website.

Google loves to see new content on regular bases and rewards sites that do that. That is what a regularly updated blog does by default. Freshness to a website will bring people back to find new information.

Blogging for the health of your company

In Conclusion

Blogging is the best way for you and your company to separate from your competitors. It gives you a unique opportunity to share your thoughts on your own platform and grow search traffic.

It helps small business to compete with much larger companies and much bigger advertising budgets.

Some of the blogging tips came from a Forbes blog by Jayson DeMers

SEO for Blogs – 10 Tips to Rank Blog Post on Top of Google

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Our business offers many services when it comes digital and print media. How can we help you achieve your business or organization goals? 

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8 Benefits Blogging Your Business Website

Why Blog Business Website

Blogging Good Marketing Strategy

Health Your Company Blogging

Blogging New Content Website

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