Website Contact Form Text Messaging

Website Contact Form Text Messaging

Turning Your Website Contact Form into Cell Phone Text Messaging 

Time is of the essence or so the say. It is true for many people when they are trying to make contact with many businesses.

Emails and website contact forms are just to slow or are not read in a timely manner by the owner. We have so much that demands our attention in our highly technical world it’s just to hard to keep up.

Contact forms serve a lot of useful purposes on blogs or websites. They convey a lot of information from interested parties to the owner of those blogs and websites.

For many years these contact forms would only send the message to an email of a owner and the majority of these communications today still do.


Contact Form EMail to Cell Phone Texting


But what if I told you that instead of an email you could receive this message in a text message immediately to your cell phone.

Now thats a game changer!

Website Contact Form Text Messaging

Not only that but the same contact form you use on your website Contact Page could also be used as a chat button on each and every page and blogs on your website and it would also send a text message to your cell phone so you could have a dialog in real time with a potential customer.

It is possible but it is also very affordable.

I install this communication form on websites and blogs for people that want to have instant access to a customer. Many people want their first contact to a business to be a message and not always a phone call. If they feel comfortable with the response then they will want to talk. 

The great thing with text messaging is that you do not have to constantly check your emails throughout the day but check your text messaging on your cell phone when it alerts you.

My cell phone is set to make a dinging sound when a text message comes in so I do not have to constantly check it. I also do not have to wade through a mountain of emails to see one that is urgent or needs to be answered in a prompt fashion.

Website Contact Form Text Messaging

The company that I work with to make this all possible is called Biz Text Solutions. Dennis Bartel is the CEO of this company and is very friendly and helpful. Biz Text tagline is “Contacting a business should be fast and efficient“.

They have designed two plugins to work on a WordPress website that makes this text messaging work.

When I first set up the plugins on the website, I had a couple problems, so Dennis and I connected on TeamViewer  so he could go through the issues with me.

I sometimes have a hard time following written technical directions so Dennis ran down how to make the connections that needed to be done. That helped a lot.

It was up and running in no time.

After a couple days Dennis and I connected again to make sure everything was going smoothly. It was at that time I had another idea.

What if we used his tool to make a very small chat pop up button on the left of every website page and blog of that website to make it easy for customers to make first contact.

He figured out how to do that in short order and then guided me though on the process.

That was also fast and easy.

Getting this done was like a breath of fresh air. I no longer feel like I have to keep a constant vigil over my communication devices for fear of losing a potential customer. I know my website design and graphic art customers feel the same way.

All I have to do is set it up on the website and forget about it until I hear that ding from my cell phone.

At this time Biz Text costs $10 a month.

To me that is affordable money well spent for a piece of mind. It allows me to concentrate on other areas of running my business.

I have written many blog articles that are helpful for Website and Graphic Design

To find out more about our company for Mobile Responsive Websites


Website Contact Form Text Messaging

Websites That Looks Good On Cell Phones

Websites That Looks Good On Cell Phones

Websites That Looks Good On Cell Phones


Mobile Responsive Website 

What does mobile responsive really mean?

Mobile responsive means your website is mobile friendly. How does the website or blog look on mobile devices such as cell phones?

Over 60% of all online browsing is currently being done on these small devices and the percentage will only get larger with more people using them in the coming years. You want your website to look good small. You want to make sure that your website adjusts itself to cell phones.

Website That Looks Good On Cell Phone

Websites are usually designed on a desk or laptop. This means that the website will be designed to in a horizontal (left to right) or landscape view. You can rotate your cell phone to view a website horizontally, but this is not what most people naturally do. They almost always view their cell phone vertically (up and down).

Website + Mobile Responsive = Looking Good

Making a website to be viewed correctly is almost like fitting a square peg into a round hole when you think about it. Most photographers understand this quandary. A horizontal image tells a much different story than a vertical one does.                                                                                  

Another BIG reason to make sure your website or bog mobile responsive is Google. Google will rank you much higher if your website is responsive than those websites that are not. It will waste all that hard work on SEO (search engine optimization when you are trying to have your website to rank higher.

Another BIG reason to make sure your website or bog mobile responsive is Google.

Google will rank you much higher if your website is responsive than those websites that are not.

You will waste all that hard work on SEO (search engine optimization) when you are trying to have your website to rank higher and gain more traffic.

Arizona Responsive Website Design

Websites That Looks Good On Cell Phones


Google accounts for over 5.7 billion searches every day. How will you and your website stay ahead of the competition?  

44% of Fortune 500 companies are not mobile ready. 

Google has been publishing details about how changes to its search algorithm will favor mobile friendly sites over non-mobile friendly ones.

Google even offers a mobile responsive test, so you can see how a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. You enter a page URL and receive a score.

We design all our WordPress websites with a premium theme installed to make our website mobile responsive. This is the only theme we use to design websites with because it is constantly being upgraded to keep up with the changing times of websites and internet use.

Cell Phone Website Design

Website That Looks Good On Cell Phone

This theme has an amazing page builder that allows us to view and change all three devices they will view it on. Desktop, iPad and cell phone.

The theme that we use does a great job adjusting most of the time but not always so it gives us this option of making changes no matter what is being viewed.

This tool is powerful and something that was not offered until recently. It has been worth every penny that we paid, and our customers reap the benefits.

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Websites That Looks Good On Cell Phones

Arizona Responsive Website Design. 

Cell Phone Website Design. Phoenix Responsive Website Design

Phoenix Cell Phone Website Design

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