8 Reasons to Have Website Maintenance

You may be thinking “Now why do I need maintenance on my website”.

That is a good question if you do not understand the many ways a business website or blog can grind to a halt. Many people think that once your website is up and running there is not much more that needs to be done.

That is far from the truth in many ways

Think of website as a car that needs up-to-date maintenance. The oil needs to be changed every 3-5 thousand miles. The transmission needs to be checked every so often and topped off. How is the battery doing?

The car needs to be washed. When something goes wrong on the car you have to take it into a mechanic.

Websites works in much the same way only in a digital sense. But, unlike a car, you do not want your website to go down and then hunt for web designer to fix the problem especially if they do not know your website.


Why Have Website Maintenance

Why Have Website Maintenance

Some Questions To Ask Yourself

Who is going to keep an eye on and then update your WordPress platform, theme and plugins?

What if there is a conflict with a plugin after an update and the website shuts down? Who knows where to go to fix that if the website has locked you out?

What if you get hacked? How do you get your website back? 

Website Maintenance is important to any business, regardless of size. All businesses and blogs need regular website maintenance to keep the site working smoothly.

Domain registrations, software updates, the site getting hacked are all different things that are take care of by someone that understands websites from the backend.

Essential Website Maintenance

8 Reasons to Have Website Maintenance

1.) WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates as they become available.

2.) If there is a conflict with plugins after an update and the website shuts down we track down the problem and fix it through your cPanel at the hosting provider. We then thoroughly review and test the entire website

3.) Test your website Forms / Checkout process as well as all the hyperlinks.

4.) Check for broken links that search engines like Google will penalize you for.

5.) Security updates and bug fixes.

6.) Review your KPIs, SEO and analytics reports.

7.) Check backups.

8.) Renew your domain names.

The cost for website maintenance varies depending on what type of website you have and what you would like us to do.

We have much more information about Website Maintenance and pricing on our website page.

Here is another Expert Perspective on this issue Regular Website Maintenance is necessary to Maintain A Strong Brand

If you have any questions at all on website Maintenance of your website or anything else related to your digital store front or blog, please give us a call or send us an email.

We would love to talk to you about your website needs.

Website Maintenance Is A Must

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Why Have Website Maintenance

Essential Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Is A Must

Invest in Website Maintenance

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