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Business Video Promotions

Business Video Promotions


Can you think of a better and more personal way to introduce yourself?

We make and design Business Video Promotions in different ways depending on what you are try to promote. 

Video Promo’s are a very powerful tool once they are uploaded to YouTube or other social media. Using the same SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that you use on your website your video will be found on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Video’s can be used for you to introduce yourself and your company. Other video’s are used to show your product or service.

Some video’s we have made for photographers that just shows their photographs with music playing in the background.

What better and more personal way for you to tell people what you and your company can do for them. 

Another BIG PLUS of using YouTube is you can then place the video on your website and they look wonderful. Remember YouTube is owned by Google so the same SEO applies to both.

Your video is found by the Google Search Engine plus you can added it your website which helps the website SEO because it is considered a inbound link. Its a win-win situation.


Business Video Promotions

This is a short video by a wedding photographer that is very simple.

All we did was take a cross section of some of his best wedding photography and used simple transitions between images and had back ground music.

We have uploaded a number of these to different cities in Arizona with only changing the SEO in the title and putting different music in the background.

We also used the same technique with wedding and reception locations.

You can find his Jason’s website here:  Beyond The Shutter Photography

This is photographer, Candace Gier. She is a portrait and wedding photographer in Tempe, Arizona.

We shot the video interview in her home but also tagged along to a wedding and portrait to get some additional footage.

We then used some of her finished photographs in the finished video.

I think this not only gives people an idea on how she works but how the finished photographs look and how they came about. 

You can find Candace’s website here: CG Photo an Design

This is a promo video is for Rock A Belly Food Truck in Phoenix, Arizona and Chef Jordan Murry.

Chef Murry makes gourmet food right out of his food truck.

How else could you explain how and what he does so well?

Boy O boy does that food look good. 

From time to time I have an opportunity to give back to my community and Homeless Sun Valley was one of those times.

Sun Valley Church of Tempe, Arizona was trying to inform their congregation what I-Help was and what many of their volunteers did in the way of giving help to the homeless.

What does that look like exactly?

I think this short 2 1/2 minute video not only explained it in a very strong visual way but it gave a positive, enthusiastic point of view of all those working on this program and those being served.   



Pam Smyth, author of the book “What Do I Do Now?” a funeral planner. 

We videotaped this in Pam’s home but also shot some short video’s and still photographs in other locations as well as using some of the pages from her book.

This was a tough subject but what better way to get the information across than a video by the person who wrote it and why.

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