Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

I have always done poorly with spelling and grammar, and math has been a tough subject for me also.

My mind does not run in those circles.

When I was in college studying for my graphic arts degree, I took a creative writing class. It was the best and one of the more important classes I have ever taken.

I have relied on the writing skills I learned in that class on many occasions when I write articles for various blog posts.

One thing I learned is when you write you are painting a visual image for people with words. I was a professional photographer for many years before I became a website designer, so I understand the meaning of Strong Visuals.

Having a strong command of the English language certainly helps, but it is not a guarantee of spelling and grammar.

If it is something important that many people will have the possibility of reading, I now send my work to an editor (like I will do with this one).

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I have teamed up with a poet who is writing a book of poetry, so we made a deal. I would design her website and do Digital Marketing in exchange for her editing capabilities. It is turning out to be a great collaboration of talents.

I also use a software called Grammarly.

That helps on other things that I type or write down but it’s not the same as having a real live human edit for you.

Spell check on various devices like my cell phone and computer helps but is somewhat limited. Using spell check on my software from Microsoft apps also works better and sometimes I will go to Google, but that is a more time-consuming option.

One thing I have noticed is that spell check has improved my spelling over the years in my own mind. Using it repeatedly has a way of doing that!

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Spell check does not help with grammar but that’s OK because I just type things out on a Word doc. and it makes some changes but not enough, so I use Grammarly in that instance. I copy & paste it in their software, and it shows me what should be changed.

The Free version works great, but you can get a more advanced Pro application from them for a yearly subscription that has many more help aids.

If you are going to blog on a regular basis (we suggest that you do so often) to promote your business or yourself, you want your spelling and grammar to be top notch because it will be a reflection on you and your business.

Always have a second pair of eyes proofread your blogs.

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To find out more about Rhonda, my friend and editor, go here to Poet Monk

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Proofread Your Blog Before Publishing

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