Designing Websites For Photographers is A Labor of Love For Me

I design websites for all kinds of people and businesses but building one for a photographer has a special place in my heart.

I was a professional photographer for most my adult life so I know what it means to get your work out and into the public eye.


I now have a degree in graphic arts and use these graphic skills to design awesome, cutting edge websites on a platform called WordPress.

I use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premier Pro to get your message and your work on this amazing platform.

Once I launch WordPress in your hosting account, I then install a premium theme that allows full functionality in any direction my creative heart wants to go. In the end its your creative heart also.




I can design custom navigation buttons using your photography.

If you have an idea I would love to make it and see if it works for you!


Click one and see where it takes you.

I can employ many states of the art techniques that help photographers and artists show their work like never before.

It is a collaboration between me, you and WordPress.

The sky is the limit!


Here is a sample of some of the custom graphics I can make for your website.

I can make something just using fonts and text…

…Or I can make something very unique for just you.

I love using the photographers images and then adding text to tell a complete message.

A little bit of something from that photo shoot.



As you scroll down this blog you will see some of amazing techniques and ideas to show off your work.


Directly below is a rotating banner/slider that brings up new images on a timed bases. I design these babies myself with your images. Imagine the impact this would have if this slider was at the top of your home page to greet new potential clients.

What and why WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform that between 28-30% of all professional websites are built on.

I then add a powerful theme that allows me to design without knowing or using much code and leaves me to be very creative in the area’s I am best at.

I then add special plugins that keeps the website safe and gives functionality to a specific type of business.

The grid system below is a great way for you to display many images with out taking up to much room.

Click any photograph and it will enlarge.

[crp_portfolio id=3]

Sometimes I add a parallax image that will be the base of a page with other images or graphics on top. This is much harder to make and have it look good without being confusing but when it is done right, it is an eye catcher.

All of these modules can be used for a number of things. In this case they are being used as navigation. Click on anyone of them and see where they take you.

Wedding Images

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For more information on landscape images, please click here.


Family Portraits

For more information on family portraits, please click here.


For more information on engagements, please click here.


Race Car

For more information on race car, please click here.

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