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We Offer 3 Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing covers 3 main areas that are hard to pigeon hole because they can cover a couple of different services that we provide. All three of these services are essential to bring traffic to your website and in the end more customers to you.

Social Media, Blogging and Online Marketing are the corner stone of this Digital Marketing landscape. All three of these can be set up independently to help get the word out about you and your business but they actually function much better if they work together in a larger picture of a planned-out marketing strategy. The sum is better than the parts so to speak. Here is what Wikipedia says about Digital Marketing

   1.) Blogging. I like to think that a business blog that is built into your website is the hub of this digital marketing strategy. Of course, you can have an independent blog, but it will have a different url from your website and to search engines it will seem independent from what you are trying to achieve. I have written a blog article in detail about this issue that will give you a clearer idea of this amazing tool. 8 Benefits of Blogging From Your Business Website

We do practice what we preach when it comes to blogging and we write many articles across a wide spectrum of website related issues that we think you will find helpful.

Social Media Marketing

   2.) Business social media is a component that interconnects to your blog in powerful ways. It distributes your blog voice to the world. Social Media Marketing would be another term to promote social media platforms and websites.

   3.) Online Marketing is another component that connects to your blog and website in the form of Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and a number of others.

The 3 images below will connect you to more detailed web page about each of these services on how they work with each other or a stand-alone marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing


How Does This Work?

Blogging is an amazing tool that will drive traffic to your website. We set it up on your website and then show you how to use it.

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Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Social Media

Business Social Media

We set up your social media so the world can hear about you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

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Facebook Digital Marketing

Online Marketing 

Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads as well as Yelp and Many More. 

Of course we will need a social media presence to run some of your ads but others are independent such as Yelp and Angies List and others.

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Blogging From Your Website Helps Bring In Lots Of Internet Traffic

You will find that we are BIG believers of writing articles and blogging off our own business website. We believe that blogging helps show that you are an expert in your field.

When we design a website for someone we set up a blog within that website and then teach the owner on how to use this amazing tool.

Blogging helps drive internet traffic to your website and business. Here are a couple of blog post that we wrote that we think will provide you with helpful information.

One for designing your website and blog to look good on mobile devices such as a cell phone Website + Mobile Responsive = Looking Good and one to see how to see if your website needs a upgrade 9 Signs it’s Time For A New Website

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