Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window

You really do have many photo opportunity outside your window be it a car or home or office or just about any window you can think of.

It is really a window of opportunity.

In my case its my computer room and it has a window that faces the street. I gaze out it from time to time as I work on different digital projects. It keeps me connected to the outside world.

I can watch clouds role in and out and keep visual track of the weather. I can also keep visual track of people walking by and cars going up and down the street.

That is a BIG deal for someone like me who works off their computer so many hours every day. I do not feel like I am in a cave and so isolated like many people that work from home have a tendency to feel.

There are two trees outside my window. One is fairly BIG and bent near the base. I have watched many birds make their home in the tree as well as forage on the bark for insects. I have even seen a woodpecker or two pound away. I have even seen people walking their dog stop and let the dog do its business at the base of it.

None of that prepared me for what I saw a few days ago…

Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window
Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window
Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window

Out of nowhere, a neighborhood kid ran up the side of the bent part of the tree and launched himself into the wild blue yonder. Stunned me at first.

He did it again and then again. By the time I recovered from my shock of his acrobatics, he was gone. It was a site to behold but my only regret at the time was that I did not get a photograph of him doing this stunt.

Great photo historian I am I remember thinking. I missed a great photo opportunity outside my window.

Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window
Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window
Photo Opportunity Outside Your Window

He did it again a few days later but this time I was ready and I yelled at him from my window to hold on because I wanted to get some shots and maybe a video of him doing this aerial feat. I grabbed my iPhone 6s and caught up with him outside my window.

I have been a professional photographer for over 40+ years but I do not shoot much with DSLR anymore since I concentrate on being a graphic artist and web designer now in my new creative life. Plus that darn cell phone takes some amazing images and video’s at the drop of a hat if you know how to use it correctly.

It can be an amazing tool in a pro’s hands. That and the fact that it is so portable and convenient. I am ALL about portable and convenient these days.

The kid was all about showing off for me and the fact that someone was paying attention to him and wanted to take images of him. I had him repeat his stunt a number of times for me as I shot individual frames in high speed like in motor drive from a DSLR but I also shot slow motion video. I figured it would give me chance to try a couple of different techniques with my iPhone 6s

I guess the whole point of this article is that we have opportunities all around us to capture many great images if you just keep your eyes open and your cell phone close. We really do have photo opportunity outside your window.

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