Pull your hair out issue with Adobe Illustrator

Pull your hair out issue with Adobe Illustrator

I had a BIG issue with the new Adobe Illustrator 2017 up-date that made me want to pull what little hair I have, OUT.

I build beautiful websites for people and small business.

I like to use my graphic art skills to make them beautiful so when I started to upload images for a new website for a landscape photographer that I was designing for, I ran into a problem I had not in counted before.

Even though I have also been a photographer for many years and have used Photoshop since forever, I use Illustrator to make sliders, backgrounds with text and many graphics for websites.

When you are trying to combine Photographs with text, Illustrator is just the best way to go. This is what it was built to do.

Photoshop can do it also but it is much harder. It was never really designed to use and add text in a easy efficient way.


When I designed a slider (narrow photograph) for the top of the website that would rotate with other sliders, something strange happened.

I designed the new slider in the usual way. I then turned it into a .jpg. The image looked fine and just like what the photographer took but when I uploaded it onto the WordPress website it was super saturated like the image below.

Not at all like the original image from the photographer as you can see from the image below…


I remade it thinking I did something wrong. It came out the same way again.

Thinking it was a issue with that particular new WordPress site, I took the image and loaded it on another website. Same thing happened again.

This is crazy I though as I tried to seek out help from the WordPress community. No answers were forthcoming. I took a deep breath and began to think what was different this time around from all the hundreds of images I had designed and put onto WordPress websites before.

I decided instead of making a .jpg I would make and up-load a .png because that format works just as well on websites and the internet.

That one worked and looked great.

Then it hit me!

I had updated my Adobe CC account just a few days before. The updates were from 2015 to the new 2017. Illustrator was one of those programs that was updated.  

I then reloaded 2015 Illustrator back onto my computer and went through the whole process again. The image was created and up-loaded just as it was intended.

No super saturation.

I then contacted a Adobe tech and they had me look at the saturated image in Photoshop and see what mode it was in.

I told them it was in CYMK even though I had asked for RGB in Illustrator.

They then told me it was a known issue with Illustrator 2017 that they are fixing.

I felt good that I had figured out the issue but it took me 3 hours of frustration across a couple of different platforms.

That is why I called this blog “Pull your hair out issue with Adobe Illustrator”

Who knew!

The first river photograph to be used as a slider and saved in CYMK mode. This image is NOT what the photographer wanted. Much to saturated but the colors are also off.

The second river photograph to be used as a slider and saved in RGB mode. This image is just as the photographer wanted.

A river photograph to be used as a slider and saved in RGB mode. This image is just as the photographer wanted.


When you are putting images on WordPress or the internet for that matter that the image needs to be in RGB. That was something I knew from my graphic arts classes but I had no idea the new Illustrator 2017 was not making it when I asked it for.

CYMK mode is for when photographs are to be printed on a printer but RGB mode is for photographs to be used on the internet.

I love building websites but you do run into issues that need to be figured out. I am also thankful that there are communities of professionals that I can use to figure out problems and see what is new in my field.

Here are four:

WordPress.org codex: https://codex.wordpress.org/

Wpbeginner: http://www.wpbeginner.com/blog/

Divi nation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DiviThemeUsers/

Website Magazine: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/

I also belong to a local WordPress community in my area that I connect through my local meetup group once a month. I also go to a WordPress boot camp in the Phoenix once a year.

Pull your hair out issue with Adobe Illustrator

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