Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

Salvation Army… What an amazing organization.

I organize and direct a group of 10 photographers and about 50 helpers photograph portraits for the poor and needy on Christmas morning just before the Christmas dinner at the Phoenix Civic Center.

For an hour and a half, each photography booth will shoot a new family portrait every 3-4 minutes.

Runners then takes the digital photo card from each camera to a room that has two professional printers and about another 20-people handling and printing the photographs and putting the 11 x 8 portraits into beautiful cardboard frames.

Each family will receive two of these portraits. It’s amazing how fast these printers work.

They are usually done printing about 20-30 minutes after the last portrait is shot. Hundreds and hundreds are passed out the morning.

While these portraits are being shot another group of photographers are shooting children as they sit down with Santa Clause.

Refreshments are served to everyone while the first professional band is playing Christmas music in the background.

FREE haircuts are being cut by a group of 15-20 professional hair stylists in a side room and in another room people can call anywhere in the world and talk to family for 10-15 minutes.  

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner will feed over 5,000 at the dinner itself and then another 3,800 meals go out by car to those who can not making it to the Civic Center.

It takes about 1,000 people to volunteer in various capacities to make this successful.

This is the most amazing event I have ever participated in. Salvation Army brings in professional chefs to cook the turkey dinner and all its fixings.

The dinners are served on china, silverware and fancy table cloths with 10 people per table while professional musicians playing holiday music in the background.

They are the second band to play that day. Presents are handed out to the children when the guests have been fed.

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner


This will be my 8th year…I think, I have lost count. 

When you love doing something that happens.

The main husband and wife team that organize the whole  Salvation Army Christmas Dinner have been doing this for over 20 years but I think its closer to 30. They seem have lost count also…

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner
Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

Salvation Army has hundreds of these celebrations and dinners going on ALL across the USA and the rest of the world on Christmas.

God bless them and how He has used them to bless so many of His people.

I think I am far more blessed by my participation in this annual event than the blessing I give to others.

God works like that…

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner Phoenix Arizona

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

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