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Is Your Website Showing Its Age?

Once upon a time it was a big thing to just have a website but not anymore. In the last 5 years things have changed drastically. There are many new features in the way websites function, the new cutting edge designs and the way websites are marketed.

Is your website showing its age? 

How can you tell? What can I do about it? 

Funny you should ask! I am a big fan of blogging. I wrote a blog post on this very subject. 9 Signs it’s Time for a New Website.

First off take a very long, hard look at your website and answer the questions I am about to ask.

Remember your website is usually the first point of contact new prospective customers will have connecting with you and your business.


What will be their first impression?

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Signs it’s Time for a New Website

1.) Your Website Looks Outdate  

2.) It’s Hard to Edit and Update Your Website  

3.) Is Your Website Hard to Navigate?  

4.) Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

5.) Your Website Is Not Delivering Traffic Like It Used To.  

6.) Does It Have a SSL Certificate?  

7.) My Website Loads Slow  

8.) Search Engine Rankings (SEO)  

9.) Your Embarrassed to Give Out Your Website Address.

WordPress Website Redesign


All of these things on this list a very important on not only how your website looks but also how in ranks on search engines such as Google. Marketing your website has changed considerably.

SEO rankings, social media, Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads and backlinking to other sources are all important on how your digital store front will bring in new business.

Do you blog? That is another BIG way of bring new traffic to your website. I wrote a blog post on 8 Benefits of Blogging From Your Business Website

Please contact me by phone or email and I will be more than happy to talk with you about your present website and what improvements need to be done.

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