Video Promo


What does it take to make a video promo of yourself or

your business and what do you do with it?

We have found that the best location to shoot the video is in your business location where you are comfortable.

It is a very easy a quick set up with out a lot of fuss.

Many times we will shoot additional footage and still photography images at another location depending what your business is.


We use multiple recording devices to shoot the video from a few different angles.

We bring in a couple of different compact lights to give the video some pop.

We also use a teleprompter for you to read from so you do not have to worry that you will forget what to say.

Video Promo

We also use a teleprompter for you to read from.

We will then edit the video’s together and add still images. It is also at that time we can add music if you wish.

We then load the finished video to YouTube or Vimeo which will then give us a short code to be brought in on your website or social media.

Video Promo


The video itself can be loaded on to your website but it will eat up a lot of your band width and load a bit slower so that is why we recommend using YouTube or Vimeo.

YouTube is owned by Google so we can put tons of SEO on it independent of your website and it will reach far more people in the process.

You can also set up a Google+ account at the same time you set up your YouTube Channel. If you do not know anything about YouTube we will help set it up for you along with other social media connections. We are also social media experts.

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