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Website Analytic Expert

Website Analytics Expert


Google Analytics helps you make decisions based on data.

Google Analytics Service

Measure – Rank Higher – Improve – Smart Changes


Analytics is a tool that shows you where all the website traffic is coming from, but it is so much more than that. We use Google Analytics because it is connected to the largest most powerful search engine on the planet. Once we set that up and connect it to your website a steam of information starts coming in.

What does Google Analytics Measure?

1.) Dimensions are the attributes of your data, such as the city where traffic is coming from, the page you’re measuring, or the social media channel you’re evaluating.

2.) Metrics are the quantitative measurements for those dimensions.

What can you do with Google Analytics?


Google Analytics helps you make decisions based on data. Where you should advertise and what type of content you should be using.


Website Analytic Expert



Behavior reports all about seeing what visitors are doing on your website. You can then asses the content of your website and determine if you visitors are taking the actions you want them to.

The behavior report will tell you:

1.) Pageviews: Total number of pages viewed.

2.) Unique Pageviews: Number of individual people who have viewed a specific page at least once during a visit.

3.) Average Time on Page: The average amount of time users spend viewing a page.

4.) Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page visits. (For an in-depth lesson on bounce rate and how to use it, see here)

5.) Percent Exit: Percentage of users who exit from a page or set of pages.

Google also offers many other tools that are integrated and connected to this Analytic tracking device that we can use to help promote your website. Other valuable tools that we will setup to work with Google Analytics:

1.) Google Adwords

2.) Search Console

3.) Keyword Search

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics Service


Wikipedia says this about Google Analytics. To find out more from Google about their Marketing Platform.

We will connect Google Analytics to your website along with a number of other tools that will integrate with this Website Analytics tool. 

To find out more information please send us a email or give us a call.

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