Turning Your Website Contact Form into Cell Phone Text Messaging 

Time is of the essence or so the say. It is true for many people when they are trying to make contact with many businesses.

Emails and website contact forms are just to slow or are not read in a timely manner by the owner. We have so much that demands our attention in our highly technical world it’s just to hard to keep up.

Contact forms serve a lot of useful purposes on blogs or websites. They convey a lot of information from interested parties to the owner of those blogs and websites.

For many years these contact forms would only send the message to an email of a owner and the majority of these communications today still do.


Contact Form EMail to Cell Phone Texting


But what if I told you that instead of an email you could receive this message in a text message immediately to your cell phone.

Now thats a game changer!

Website Contact Form Text Messaging

Not only that but the same contact form you use on your website Contact Page could also be used as a chat button on each and every page and blogs on your website and it would also send a text message to your cell phone so you could have a dialog in real time with a potential customer.

It is possible but it is also very affordable.

I install this communication form on websites and blogs for people that want to have instant access to a customer. Many people want their first contact to a business to be a message and not always a phone call. If they feel comfortable with the response then they will want to talk. 

The great thing with text messaging is that you do not have to constantly check your emails throughout the day but check your text messaging on your cell phone when it alerts you.

My cell phone is set to make a dinging sound when a text message comes in so I do not have to constantly check it. I also do not have to wade through a mountain of emails to see one that is urgent or needs to be answered in a prompt fashion.

Website Contact Form Text Messaging

The company that I work with to make this all possible is called Biz Text Solutions. Dennis Bartel is the CEO of this company and is very friendly and helpful. Biz Text tagline is “Contacting a business should be fast and efficient“.

They have designed two plugins to work on a WordPress website that makes this text messaging work.

When I first set up the plugins on the website, I had a couple problems, so Dennis and I connected on TeamViewer  so he could go through the issues with me.

I sometimes have a hard time following written technical directions so Dennis ran down how to make the connections that needed to be done. That helped a lot.

It was up and running in no time.

After a couple days Dennis and I connected again to make sure everything was going smoothly. It was at that time I had another idea.

What if we used his tool to make a very small chat pop up button on the left of every website page and blog of that website to make it easy for customers to make first contact.

He figured out how to do that in short order and then guided me though on the process.

That was also fast and easy.

Getting this done was like a breath of fresh air. I no longer feel like I have to keep a constant vigil over my communication devices for fear of losing a potential customer. I know my website design and graphic art customers feel the same way.

All I have to do is set it up on the website and forget about it until I hear that ding from my cell phone.

At this time Biz Text costs $10 a month.

To me that is affordable money well spent for a piece of mind. It allows me to concentrate on other areas of running my business.

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Website Contact Form Text Messaging

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