Phoenix Website Landing Pages

Phoenix Website Landing Pages


Your website is one of the greatest marketing and communication tools that your company possesses.


A Website Landing Page can extend your website reach 10 fold.

Website Landing Pages are a very BIG deal when it comes promoting your business and website. Most people think that by just having a website itself is all that is needed to reach the world with their store front and communicate what they do or offer to the world.

Yes, a website is essential to show off and communicate what you have to offer but you can do so much more with this tool called a website. Website Landing Page is tool that is basically built in to the website you already have.

What is a website landing page?

This page is designed off your website to be a stand-alone website page independent of the parent website itself. It is not a page that will be connected to the menu in the main parent website itself.

It will have all the same characteristics of the main website when it comes to color, fonts and image usage so we will want to make it consistent to the parent website, so you do not confuse potential clients or people.

What are Website Landing Pages used for?

It’s a way for taking your website places it could not go to before. When you put a focus key phrase (SEO) on a particular website page your internet reach for your website becomes very narrow. Landing pages opens up the internet for more creative use by you and your website.

Landing pages are basically a CTA (Call To Action). Just like you may have inside your website with a CTA button taking someone to a specific location a landing page does the same thing only in a larger sense.

Just a few Website Landing Pages uses.

. Focus CTA for advertising on other advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Yelp.

This CTA will help focus what you are promoting.

. Selling individual products or product lines. Again, this a CTA but for a narrower range.

. Special offer. Something that you are promoting that has a start and end date.

. Email address collection.

. Reaching more locations such as states and cities.

. Types of products that are offered.

Its All in The SEO Of The Web Page


There is a good possibility that you are looking at this website page by Best Website Solutions and it is a Website Landing Page for our company. In this case we use landing pages to reach more states and cities for our website and graphic design business.

We have used over 30 landing pages and are continuing to expand our reach. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email so we can discuss with you the possibilities of Landing Pages for your website depending on what your business is or what you are trying to promote.

Phoenix Website Landing Pages

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